MushGarden Shiitake Mushroom Chips featured on ABC Good Morning America

mushgarden shiitake mushroom chips featured on abc good morning america

In the ever-evolving landscape of culinary delights, MushGarden Shiitake Mushroom Chips have emerged as a sensation, captivating the taste buds of enthusiasts and earning a spotlight on ABC’s Good Morning America. Chef George Duran, renowned for his Food Network show Ham on the Street, shared his enthusiasm for MushGarden’s unique creation during an on-air feature discussing trending plant-based products at the Specialty Food Association’s Summer Fancy Food Show.

Chef George Duran’s Testimonial: A Culinary Maestro’s Approval

Chef George Duran, with his seasoned palate and culinary expertise, left no room for doubt about the exceptional nature of MushGarden’s Shiitake Mushroom Chips. During the Good Morning America feature, he expressed, “These guys from MushGarden have this Shiitake mushroom that tastes so good, they’re just made out of real mushroom, shiitake mushrooms, and they’re super crispy.” This endorsement from a seasoned chef speaks volumes about the quality and flavor that MushGarden brings to the table.

Summer Fancy Food Show 2022: An Unforgettable Showcase

MushGarden Shiitake Mushroom Chips took center stage at the Summer Fancy Food Show 2022, where they not only showcased their products but also caught the attention of national media. The Good Morning America feature on June 25th, 2022, brought MushGarden into living rooms across the country, creating a buzz around these delicious and crispy chips made from original shiitake mushrooms.

MushGarden’s Unique Offering: Real Mushrooms, Real Flavor

What sets MushGarden Shiitake Mushroom Chips apart is their commitment to authenticity. Crafted from real shiitake mushrooms, these chips offer a rich and robust flavor that transcends traditional snacking. Packed with protein and antioxidants, MushGarden’s creation is not just a tasty treat but also a wholesome and nutritious snack option.

The Good Morning America Feature: A Culinary Triumph

Being featured on ABC’s Good Morning America is a testament to MushGarden’s culinary triumph. The exposure garnered from such a nationally recognized platform not only elevates MushGarden’s profile but also positions their Shiitake Mushroom Chips as a noteworthy player in the plant-based snacking arena.

Where to Experience MushGarden Goodness:

For those eager to indulge in the delectable world of MushGarden Shiitake Mushroom Chips, a delightful journey awaits. Visit the official MushGarden website or explore local retailers to bring home the crispy goodness that has earned accolades from both renowned chefs and national media alike.


MushGarden’s appearance on ABC’s Good Morning America marks a milestone in their journey to redefine snacking. With Chef George Duran’s flavorful endorsement and a national television feature, MushGarden Shiitake Mushroom Chips are poised to become a household favorite. As we savor the crispy goodness of these real mushroom chips, it’s evident that MushGarden has successfully blended authenticity, flavor, and nutrition into a snack that transcends expectations.