Shiitake mushrooms are well known for their bursts of UMAMI. Our MushGarden Shiitake Mushroom Chips are cooked at negative pressure and low temperatures to crispy perfection.

Why we are


ALL natural, Vegan, Non-GMO, Non-artificial Color & Flavor, No Preservative, Cholesterol free, Gluten-free, Nut free, Diary Free, Plant-based

Raw Material: Shiitake Mushroom

Traditional Fried VS. Vacuum Fried Products

Low Temperature Vacuum Extraction!

Traditional Fried Products
Vacuum Fried Products
35% - 45% oil
5% -12% oil
6-9 months shelf life
12-18 months shelf life
Lose original color
Maintain original color
Fried at 392 degrees
Fried at <185 degrees
Turns into paste in warm water
Flavors and nutrition preserved in warm water