TerraLand Products

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Shiitake Chopped Original 2.12oz

Shiitake Chips Original 2.12oz

Shiitake Chips Sea Salt 2.12oz

Shiitake Chips Spicy 2.12oz

Shiitake Chips Wasabi 2.12oz

Okra Sea Salt 2oz

Snap Pea Sea Salt 1.5oz

Garlic Sea Salt 2oz

Jalapeno Sea Salt 2oz

Beets Original 2oz

Onions Sea Salt 1.5oz

Beets Original 0.45oz

Jalapeno Sea Salt 0.45oz

Garlic Sea Salt 0.45oz

Snap Pea Sea Salt 0.45oz

Okra Sea Salt 0.45oz

Shiitake Chips Wasabi 0.45oz

Shiitake Chips Spicy 0.45oz

Shiitake Chips Sea Salt 0.45oz

Shiitake Chips Original 0.45oz

Shiitake Chopped Original 0.45oz

Our Mission

Coaslink: linking coasts
Connecting all coasts of the world
Enabling people worldwide to enjoy
diverse foods without geographic limits
Healthy, environmentally-friendly food

Our Story

Our family believes in the deep connection between people and nature through the foods we consume. We are passionate about healthy, tasty foods that not only benefit us nutritiously, but also brighten our taste buds upon the initial crunch.

Our products provide a perfect balance between nutrition and flavors than any traditionally processed snacks, giving our customers a pleasurable and guilty-free eating experience without health concerns.

Unique Features

Vacuum Frying (VF)

Robust Functionality

Traditional Fried Products
TerraLand Products
35% - 45% oil
5% - 12% oil
6-9 months shelf life
12-18 months shelf life
Finished product loses original color
Maintain original color
Fried at 392 degrees
Fried at <185 degrees
Turns into paste in warm water
Rehydratable in warm water, flavors & nutrition preserved